The Infinite Ripple
A DIY Celebration of Life
package that brings you
more joy and less stress

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One DIY package, one price—endless ripple effects

Your guests will come to appreciate the best in your loved one during a celebration of life you produce. You’ll know exactly what to do to put it together—without taking yourself apart.

Designed by A Greater Legacy founder Andrea Driessen…this affordable, practical, and actionable bundle contains all you need to bring comfort, peace and ease.

With the Infinite Ripple DIY package, you’ll …

  • Feel calm and confident as you plan your loved one’s virtual celebration of life (or one for yourself!)
  • Know the exact steps to take so your experience beautifully honors and celebrates your loved one
  • Create an infinite ripple effect of connection and belonging—the essence of what it means to foster A Greater Legacy for the celebrated—and for all your guests
  • Have perpetual access to all the tools and techniques to apply to future celebrations
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What you get:

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1. A detailed check list & dozens of creativity-inspiring elements

With more focus & less stress, cover all the celebration-of-life bases. And choose from 29 easy-to-apply ideas that will make your virtual celebration deeply personal.

2. A list of questions that tie a “red thread” around your celebration

Taken from a long career of planning consequential events staged across North America, this Q&A blueprint will:

> involve guests meaningfully

> create a palpable sense of connection and belonging

> tie a bow of vibrant memories around this time of shared grief


3. Your own Gracenotes workshop

This inspiring, actionable and beautifully produced 30-minute Gracenotes workshop video includes an optional live Q&A session with creator Andrea Driessen.

Gracenotes, AKA Eulogies for the Living, are an ACTION we take to say, “I SEE you. Here is WHY you MATTER.
Here is how you will live A Greater Legacy.”

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Andrea’s TEDx Talk on this topic went immediately viral.  And now you can give family and friends a meaning-FULL, interactive, video-based Gracenotes experience of your own.

In your interactive workshop, participants learn how and why to write eulogies for the living. And get templates to write Gracenotes long after the session is over.

Add a live Q&A with Andrea for more interaction and application—for no additional cost.

The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning (For Kick-Ass Gatherings That Inspire People)

4. Signed event-planning books

Included too are copies of Andrea’s 3x award-winning
Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People
The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Meetings
(to which Andrea contributed).

Together, these will expand your event prowess and imagination even more.

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